Hey friends, we meet again! I took a bit of a blogging hiatus to focus on school and the two jobs that I had been working. I always try to update my blog with big milestones that have been accomplished so that when I go to look back at these posts someday I can see… Continue reading Reflection

Life Lately

Introducing Our Newest Addition…

We have some exciting news! After the loss of our sweet fur baby, Presley, in November our house just felt empty. Our other dog, Hurley, was obviously depressed and lonely, as were we. After a lot of research we expanded our four-legged family by one! Today I am excited to introduce you to Hudson!! He… Continue reading Introducing Our Newest Addition…

Sale Favorite Finds

A Few of my Favorite Things… And a Sale!

Happy 2018! I am eager to take on this year with determination, strength, and happiness. I don't have any resolutions, per se (let's be honest, I can't remember to take medications- much less follow New Years Resolutions...), but I did decide that I will make 2018 my year and give it my all. This semester… Continue reading A Few of my Favorite Things… And a Sale!